Direct Employment and Wages

Every arrival of a flight at YWG generates employment hours for individuals with jobs involved in handling passengers, their baggage, cargo, and the aircraft. This employment includes roles related to, among others, customer service, airline crew, ground handling, cleaning, and maintenance functions. It also includes some overhead labour (e.g., clerical and administrative staff), and the associated employment of ground transportation firms and accommodation providers that service passengers of the airport. Nonetheless, the direct impacts are generated largely within the aviation sector and are associated specifically with the operation of air services.

Direct employment related to YWG amounts to 10,830 direct jobs. After adjusting for part-time and seasonal employment, the 10,830 jobs equate to 10,020 FTEs or person years of direct employment.

Direct employment at YWG and related firms receive an estimated $580 million in wages, resulting in an average of $57,400 per FTE. This compares to an average annual wage in Manitoba of $48,700 per annum, and the average national wage of $52,100 per annum.[1] Direct employment and wage figures are summarized in Figure 3-1.

Figure 3‑1: Direct Employment and Wages at YWG, 2019


Type of Impact







($ Millions)

Direct Employment




Note: Dollar figures are expressed in 2019 prices.

  • 1 Statistics Canada, CANSIM Table 14-10-0204-01, Average weekly earnings by industry (All industries), 2018, calculated for annual earnings.