1 Introduction

Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) commissioned InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. to conduct an update to the economic impact study prepared previously in 2016.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

YWG is a major contributor to the Manitoba economy – generating employment in sectors such as air services, facilities, hospitality, manufacturing, and ground transportation.

Industry and Economy of Manitoba

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is located less than 10km west of downtown Winnipeg, as shown in Figure 1-4. YWG services one of Canada’s most populous metropolitan areas, as well as most air travellers in the province.

Economic Impact of YWG

YWG contributes directly to employment in the Winnipeg region, as well as the provincial and national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at large, through its business and commercial activities and operations.

2 Methodology

InterVISTAS conducted this economic impact study during the fall and winter of 2019. The study  estimates the economic impact of YWG’s operations in 2019.

Estimating Current Economic Impacts

The direct employment base related to ongoing operations at YWG is first measured. Employment figures are generally more understandable by the public than more abstract measures, such as economic output or GDP.

Surveying Direct Employment

Employment attributable to ongoing YWG operations was measured by surveying over 200 firms and organizations that are either located at YWG or otherwise economically linked to the airport.

Inferring Employment

Employment was “inferred” for firms that did not respond to the survey by using a proven and accepted methodology.

Estimating Indirect and Induced Impacts with Economic Multipliers and Ratios

Measurement of indirect and induced economic  activity is difficult. While it may be possible to conduct a survey of downstream employers, the survey would need to cover thousands of firms in order to completely cover indirect employment.

Jobs vs. Full-Time Equivalents

Traditionally, one measures employment by the number of jobs. However, when part-time and/or seasonal workers are used, this can be a misleading measure resulting in an overstatement of economic impact.

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