Surveying Direct Employment

Employment attributable to ongoing YWG operations was measured by surveying over 200 firms and organizations that are either located at YWG or otherwise economically linked to the airport. Specifics of the survey methodology are contained in the Appendices. Appendix A shows a breakdown of survey responses by firm type. A sample copy of the survey is provided in Appendix B. The team followed up with firms and organizations that had not responded to the emailed survey via telephone and email to encourage them to submit information. In total, 83% of the businesses and organizations contacted responded to the survey, representing 89% of the direct person years or full-time equivalents (FTEs) of employment covered by the survey. A summary is provided in Figure 2-1.

The direct employment estimate related to ground transportation was developed using a combination of firm surveys, as described above, and WAA-provided data on ground transport trips to and from YWG.

Figure 2-1: Response Rate for YWG Employment Survey