3 Direct Impacts of Airport Operations


  • Annual operations at YWG support approximately 10,830 direct jobs, 10,020 direct FTEs, and $580 million in direct wages

  • Direct employment related to YWG operations includes 96% permanent jobs and 4% seasonal jobs

  • The larger job categories comprising employment at YWG are airline employees (e.g. mechanics, CSAs, pilots, and flight attendants), managerial and clerical staff, and airline support services


This section describes the employment, in terms of both jobs and FTEs or person years of employment, and estimated payroll attributable to employers directly related to ongoing operations at YWG or otherwise directly dependent upon the airport.

This section also examines the employment from ongoing operations at YWG in more detail. FTEs or person years of employment are broken down by:

  • Full-time versus part-time and seasonal employment;

  • Employment by industry; and

  • Employment by job category.

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