4 Indirect and Induced Impacts of Airport Operations


  • Indirect employment impacts of YWG include 4,370 indirect FTEs and $280 million in indirect wages province-wide

  • Induced employment impacts of YWG include 2,730 induced FTEs and $130 million in induced wages province-wide

  • Total employment impacts of YWG include 17,120 FTEs and $990 million in wages province-wide


The employment impact of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is not limited to direct aviation operations, as other sectors of the economy are in turn dependent on these businesses. Indirect employment is generated by suppliers to the businesses directly related to the airport. In addition, there may be additional impacts to the province-wide economy when direct (and indirect) employees spend their wages. These employment effects are referred to as induced employment. Total employment impacts therefore equal the sum of direct, indirect, and induced effects.

The indirect and induced impacts were estimated using Statistics Canada’s economic multipliers and ratios for the Province of Manitoba.[1]

  • 1 The multipliers used for the analysis are based on Statistics Canada economic multipliers and ratios for Manitoba from the 2016 Interprovincial Input-Output model, the most recent data available. These multipliers were updated with Consumer Price Indices to account for inflation.