2 Methodology


InterVISTAS conducted this economic impact study during the fall and winter of 2019. The study  estimates the economic impact of YWG’s operations in 2019.

The study is based on data collected from an employment survey of all employers associated with the operation of YWG (e.g. airlines, ground handlers, accommodations, etc.) which is used as an input to assess the direct impacts of the airport’s operations. The survey produced estimates of the number of people employed in directly related occupations, as well as the total amount of earnings paid to these employees. The firms surveyed as part of this study are located both at the airport (onsite) and off airport land (offsite). The employment survey was used to classify the direct employment and average wages paid by business type.

InterVISTAS estimates the indirect and induced effects using economic multipliers developed by Statistics Canada that are derived from models of how the Canadian national and provincial economies operate. InterVISTAS utilizes a proprietary economic model in order to conduct multiplier analysis and estimate indirect and induced impacts.

Survey Response Rate

  • 83% of firms
    responded to the survey

  • 89% of direct FTEs covered by the survey

Study Time Frame

  • 2019 operations

Economic Multipliers

  • Statistics Canada (Industry Accounts Division): Input-Output Multipliers for Manitoba, 2016

Data collected from the employment survey is also used to calculate the associated tax impacts (government revenue) generated by the airport’s operations.